Turning and milling composite CNC lathe manufacturers talk about the main components of CNC lathes

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Turning and milling composite CNC lathe manufacturers talk about the main components of CNC lathes

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       The lathe is a machine tool that mainly turns a rotating workpiece with a turning tool. The lathe can also be processed by a drill, a reaming drill, a reamer, a tap, a die and a knurling tool. The application of lathe technology not only brought revolutionary changes to the traditional manufacturing industry, but also made the manufacturing industry a symbol of industrialization. With the continuous development of technology and the expansion of application fields, it is an important industry for the national economy and the people's livelihood (IT, automobile, The development of light industry, medical care, etc. plays an increasingly important role. The lathe usually consists of the following main parts: the headstock, the exchange gearbox, the feed box, the slide box, the tool holder, the tailstock, the light bar, the screw, the bed, the foot and the cooling device, and the turning and milling compound below CNC machine lathe manufacturer Zhongshan Nuoxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. introduces the role of each component?

       1. Main unit: The main components of the CNC lathe include the fuselage parts, such as the fuselage, column, spindle, and feed mechanism. CNC lathes are mechanical components used to perform various cutting operations.


       2. Drive unit: It is the drive unit of the CNC lathe actuator, including the spindle drive unit, the feed unit, the spindle motor and the feed motor.

       3. CNC: The kernel, including hardware and corresponding software, is used to input the digital part program, and complete the storage, data conversion and interpolation operations of the input information to realize various control functions of the CNC lathe.

       4. Auxiliary device: It is also a necessary matching component of the CNC lathe to ensure the operation of the optical machine, such as lighting, cooling, chip removal, lubrication, monitoring and so on.

       5. Automatic rotary tool holder: The tool holder is an important part of the CNC lathe. It is equipped with various cutting tools, and its structure directly affects the cutting performance and working efficiency of the machine tool. The tool holder of the CNC lathe is divided into two categories: turret type and row type knife holder. The turret type tool holder is a commonly used tool holder. It realizes the automatic tool change of the machine tool through the rotation, indexing and positioning of the turret head. CNC lathes with continuous control of two coordinates generally adopt 6~12 station turret type tool holders. The row knife holder is mainly used for small CNC lathes and is suitable for the processing of short shaft or sleeve parts.

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